5 ways to stay cool this summer

Web Design York PA - Staying cool this summer With the most recent heat waves in the North East you’re most likely trying to find ways to stay cool. There are some ways you can stay cool without using that air-conditioner.

Whether you are trying to go Eco Friendly or just trying to save some money this summer, finding ways to stay cool without using the air-conditioner can help.

Here are 5 ways to stay cool this summer:

1. Trouble sleeping?
There are a few ways to keep your bed cool and sleep in comfort. Before you go to bed put a sheet in the freezer for about an hour or two before you go to bed. Another trick is to take one of your water bottles and fill it with ice cold water, and place the bottle on the back of your knees to cool your legs.

2. Graze instead of eating big meals
Have you ever eaten a large meal and felt your body get warmer? Even if the meal was warm, that’s not the only reason. Protein enrich meals force your body to stoke its metabolic fires which make your body feel warmer. The solution? Eat smaller meals, and more frequently. Not only is it healthier, you’ll feel cooler as well.

3. Change your light bulbs
Have you still put off replacing your Bulbs with energy efficient ones? CFL Bulbs can save you 75% in energy savings, and they also put off significantly less heat than conventional bulbs. Have you ever wondered why conventional bulbs are used on farms to keep the chickens warm? The only thing these bulbs are doing for you is providing you with mini heaters throughout your home during one of the hottest times of year. The best way to stay cool is to switch the conventional bulbs with Energy Efficient CFL Bulbs. Not only will you be staying cool, you’ll be saving electricity and money as well.

Check out our Energy Savers section to learn more.

4. Close your blinds
By closing your blinds the sun won’t be radiating as much heat through your home as if they were open. You can still keep the windows open if there’s a small breeze flowing through, but closing your blinds alone should reduce the amount of heat coming from your windows when the sun is shining. Another technique to staying cool would be to provide shade near your windows. Check out our Shading Energy Savers to learn more about shading techniques.

5. Use a Fan
If you have room Ceiling Fans can provide the most amount of coolness. But if you don’t have room or the budget to install a ceiling fan, a vertical fan can work just as well. By installing fans you’ll get the circulation needed to move the air around in your home without the expensive costs of running an air-conditioner.

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Do you have any more cooling tips you’d like to share? What ways are you able to stay cool whether you’re saving electricity, or your air-conditioner breaks?

Your partner in living a greener life,
Mark Lane
President Eco York, LLC