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Our Top Achievements from 2017

top achievements 2017 eco york - web development companyAs we look back at 2017, we would like to extend our appreciation for you helping make our 8th year in business such a success! It’s because of you that we’ve achieved so much in 2017.

During the Holiday Season we like to think of those who have made our achievements possible. Those achievements are because you helped share the experience you’ve had with our web development company, and we Thank you.

Our Top Achievements from 2017:

Eco York achieved a lot of our goals in 2017, and without you those goals never would have came to fruition. We want to Thank Each and Every One Of You!

What have we been up to in 2017?

Best Wishes for a Happy Holiday and Safe New Year!

Your partner in Developing Websites that Save Time and Money,

Mark Lane

President Eco York, LLC

Our top Achievements from 2016

As we look back at 2016, we would like to extend our appreciation for you helping make our 7th year in business such a success!

During the Holiday Season we think of those who have made our achievements possible. Those achievements are because you believed in us, and we Thank you.

Our Top Achievements from 2016:

Eco York achieved a lot of our goals in 2016, and without you those goals never would have came to fruition. We want to Thank You!

What have we been up to in 2016?

  • In 2016 we were able to help provide internships for two students at Central Penn College which helped them learn skills that we hope will further their future careers. We will be expanding our Internship Program in 2017, so stay tuned!
  • We added over 10 new clients during the year ranging from Web Development, to Custom Software Development and new Compass Wave clients!
  • We received even more Client Testimonials on our Website and Facebook Page!
  • We launched websites for atleast 3 new clients, with one more launch coming for the end of 2016!
  • Since we already offer an Online Estimate Software for Residential Cleaning Companies, Compass Wave, we decided to offer Website packages for them as well.
  • We’ve upgraded Compass Wave to now be SSL.
  • We’ve updated our Web Development Pricing to now include basic pricing for different website packages we can now offer.

Best Wishes for a Happy Holiday and Safe New Year!

Your partner in Developing Websites that Save Time and Money,

Mark Lane

President Eco York, LLC

Our Top Achievements from 2014

Eco York achieved a lot of our goals in 2014, and without you those goals never would have came to fruition. We want to Thank You!

Our Top Achievements from 2014:

  • In the Spring we launched a new website for MJS Properties. MJS Properties specializes in Short Sale and Estate Purchases.
  • In the Spring we developed custom software for Krouse TravelKrouse Travel specializes in making your dreams come true and have been in business for over 25 years!
  • In the Summer of 2014 we completed our Trademark for Compass Wave – An Online Estimate Tool for Maid Service and Residential Cleaning Companies.
  • In the Summer of 2014 we developed a partnership and are now able to offer Pay-per-click Management Campaigns for our clients.
  • In the Fall we launched a new website for Treysta. Treysta is a Technology Management Company Formerly Net-Aid AND Computerworks.
  • This Winter we completed a redesign of our website for our company. Check it out and let us know what you think!
  • Throughout the year we were able to add 6 more clients to our Portfolio and Client Testimonials.
  • We developed custom software for Haverfield. Haverfield is the leading provider of aerial power line inspection and construction support services both in the United States and abroad.

Best Wishes for a Happy Holiday and Safe New Year!

Your partner in Developing Websites that Save Time and Money,

Mark Lane

President Eco York, LLC

Replace Crystal Reports with a Custom Online Reporting Program of our most recent projects consisted of a local company which utilizes Crystal Reports to provide reports for their clients to access remotely. The problem with Crystal Reports was their new software wasn’t compatible with the Accounting Software Backend, and their clients were having trouble accessing the reports remotely.

We were contracted to Replace Crystal Reports with a Custom Online Reporting Program which was easier to access, and provided more flexibility with added features. The Accounting Software has a backend SQL database and is automatically synced daily with the online software’s database. The client can then add users within the online reporting program, as well as pull the reports for each individual client in PDF format.

By having their application web based their clients are able to access the program much more simply than before. No more remote desktop connections are needed. All their clients need is Internet access to be able to log into the program and pull the necessary reports.

That’s just one more example of how Eco York can save a business time and money. If you’re interested in custom software don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Your partner in Developing Websites that Save Time and Money,

Mark Lane

President Eco York, LLC

Custom Restaurant Reporting Software

Eco York develops Custom Software that can save your Business Time and Money. That sounds great doesn’t it? Saving Time and Money in today’s economy means quite a lot. But what does that all mean?

What that means is that Eco York will take the time to sit down with you and learn more about your business, and figure out if there’s a custom software solution that could actually save your business time and money. Even if you have an existing software package that you’re used to using, Eco York will take the time to study what you currently have, and see if we can develop a solution to interact with your current application. If we aren’t able to interact with your current application, we’ll be sure to figure out a way to get your old data into a new system that works for your businesses end goals.

At this point you might be asking what types of custom software solutions Eco York can develop for your business. Let’s talk about a recent custom software package that we developed.

Let’s say you’re a restaurant and you use an online reporting software, similar to the one below


This is the front end of the software package that one of our customers used. An online ordering system that provided everything they needed to run their restaurant. The reporting is just as easy to use as well.


Now this software serves it’s purpose and provides all of the features that our client needed. However there was a problem, they ran over 30 restaurants. You can imagine how time consuming it would be to log into 30 different administration websites to download CSV reports and compile them on a monthly basis with Profit margins, and Remittance Amounts as well as run a report on the Orders that were completed during that month.

We saw this as a golden opportunity to work with the original developers of this software and work with an API that they had created to create a custom software package for our newest client. So we developed a custom software that our client could log into and add all of their locations, pull all of the orders for those locations, and create reports based on dates.  Here’s a screen shot of the interface to add locations.

Restaurant Reporting Software Dashboard

From this custom dashboard our client is able to add new “schools” which allow them to organize their locations, and attach those locations to those schools. Order refunds are also able to be added as well as the ability to download all of the orders for all of the schools with the click of a button.  After all of the orders are pulled if there are orders that need changed, we have added the ability to edit the order information as well as search for a specific order.

Our reports were also customized to our clients needs so they could choose which school they wanted to pull the reports for, and have it organize all of the order information and remittance information for their restaurants.


The above custom report is a PDF which shows all of the information our client needed to send to their restaurants on a monthly basis. Now the client only had to pull the reports once a month and take a few hours out of their schedule to spot check the details before sending it off to their restaurants.

Now that’s just one example of how Eco York can save a business time and money. If you’re interested in custom software don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Your partner in Developing Websites that Save Time and Money,

Mark Lane

President Eco York, LLC

Improve your Website and Increase your SEO

Tweb-developmenthere are many ways that you can improve your website, without having to do a completely new redesign.

Improve your SEO

When is the last time you had someone take a look at your website and offer tips on how to improve your website rankings in the search engines? If you’re a small business the answer is probably, not recently.

There are many aspects of a website which need to be taken into consideration not only during development of the initial website, but periodically throughout the year as well.

Your websites URL Structure is very important. When you visit an About Us page on a website, what does the URL typically look like? If it looks like aboutus then SEO wasn’t taken into consideration when the website was originally developed. When a Search Engine crawls your website it not only looks at the content on the page, keywords, description, and title tags but it looks at the URL structure as well. If a Search Engine crawls your website and sees aboutus in the URL it has no idea what that means. However if the same Search Engine crawls a website with about-us in the URL then it will know that the page it’s currently looking at is an About Us page. The URL structure should be readable and make sense for the specific page.

Another important aspect of a website is the content and information that it provides. If you have a website for a Travel company for example, you’ll want to have some pages specific to the types of Travel that your company provides. Stuffing your website with Keywords, Title Tags, and Description tags isn’t enough anymore to keep your website at the top of the list.

Add some Flare

Does your website look like it came out of the 90’s? We won’t target small businesses, but if you are a small business the likely answer is ‘yes’. Don’t worry you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars for a completely new redesign. There are things you can do to improve your website without spending that kind of money.

If your website was created in the 90’s (or even later), you may be able to change the color scheme slightly on your website to bring it more up to date. Is there an ugly Green, or Blue that you made the background and now realize it’s hard to read the text on the page? Updating these colors is a simple change that can change the look and feel of your website instantly.

Do you have any photos on your website? What about updating the photo gallery to something more modern? There are many online gallery examples out there, but choosing the right one for your particular scenario is important. Here’s a website that has just a few of the galleries that are out there

On the home page what about adding a slider? Often times a website will have a header image on the front page, but adding a slider adds more flare to an existing, and maybe boring home page. After all this is the first page your potential customers will see. A slider we like is Nivo, which has a WordPress plugin (if you have a WordPress website), but also can be used on any platform that would support Jquery.

Also, don’t forget to check out our Search Engine Optimization services that we provide as well.

We hope that these tips will provide you with some ideas on how you can improve your website in 2013 without breaking the bank.

Your partner in Developing Websites that Save Time and Money,

Mark Lane

President Eco York, LLC

Simple ways to promote your business

In today’s economy it’s important to look at the advertising opportunities out there and choose the ones that work best for you to help promote your business. However there are certain advertising techniques that shouldn’t be ignored and should be used by every business.

Do you currently have a website?

If you don’t currently have a website you should. No matter what industry you are in, your current and potential customers are going to do some research on your business, and the first thing they’ll likely do is go to the web. A website is essential to setting yourself apart from other businesses in the same industry. It gives your potential customer an opportunity to learn more about your business, and an opportunity for you to sell yourself and your services. If you would like a professional website done for your business, check out our portfolio and contact us today!

Do you have business cards?

Every business should have business cards, but not everyone goes about their business cards in the right way. There are certain things that should be on your business card, which include your name, email address, website, phone number, and the services you provide. Your business cards should also be printed by a professional printing company. We use Penny Press of York for all of our printing needs.

What type of Email Address do you use?

An email address can tell alot about your company, and sometimes how long you’ve been around. If you aren’t using an email address which includes your domain name, then you are really missing out on marketing your business the way it should be marketed. If someone sees for example on your business  card you may be turning customers away because they don’t feel that you’re ultimately a legit business. Not only would you be turning potential customers away, but you’re losing the ability to market your website every time someone asks for your email address. An ideal email address for Bob’s Contracting would be This makes his email address personable (bob) but also professional and markets their website. If you already own the domain name, setting up the email address is fairly simple.

Do you utilize Social Media?

Social Media is a HUGE opportunity for a business to get it’s name out there and also market themselves on a daily basis. The main Social Media sites every business should be apart of include Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google + as well as Youtube. Check out our Blog post on Integrating Social Networking into your Business for more information on the different social networks available to you.

There are many opportunities that are sometimes missed by a business when it comes to advertising. We hope the suggestions above will help you promote your business and utilize the advertising opportunities that are available at low costs.

Your partner in living a greener life,

Mark Lane

President Eco York, LLC

Compass Wave – Online Estimate Tool

Recently we were able to acquire full ownership of a product we helped develop over the past two years with a great group of Central PA developers. Compass Wave is a solid Online Estimate Tool currently for Maid Service Companies. With our Acquisition we plan to expand this product into many more industries over time, continuing to make it a valuable product in other industries.

Our company Eco York, LLC has always strived to give the utmost Customer Service to all of our customers, and Compass Wave customers can be rest assured that that’s exactly what they’ll get with this Acquisition. Whether it be Social Media, Phone, Email or our online support system, our customers will get a response in a timely manner and can rest knowing there’s a team behind this product ready to solve any issues they may have.

Our company has been in business since 2009 and now with two products under our belts, we know 2012 is going to be a great year. Ecoferral (our other product) has also seen some traction this year, and we’re excited to see what these two products hold for our companies future.

So if you’re a Maid Service Company currently interested in increasing your Prospective Customers, and providing them with an accurate Online Estimate tool, go ahead and signup today for a Free 30 day trial.

Your partner in Developing Websites that Save Time and Money,

Mark Lane

President Eco York, LLC

Our Top Achievements and Blog Posts for 2011

2011 was a great year for Eco York and we can’t wait to dive in deep in 2012!

Our Top Achievements:

We started off the year developing a website for a Local TV show Eco Means, which their TV shows are about providing a greener way to live your life by taking small steps. Eco York is excited what 2012 means to our partnership with this TV show.

Eco York also joined a local networking group Professional Referral Exchange in the spring and was elected Social Chair right away.  Shortly after joining we started development on our newest product on the market Ecoferral. Ecoferral is a web-based referral and communication tool for businesses and networking groups. Ecoferral allows you to send referrals online within your networking group and keep track of the referrals. We continue to grow the product, and recently added the ability to create Online Surveys as well as offer Coupons to potential customers.

In 2011 we also started our Computer Recycling Program. Throughout the year with your help we’ve manage to recycle over 485 lbs of computers and electronics!

Our Favorite Blog Posts of 2011:

We have a lot of Blog posts we really enjoyed writing during 2011, but we thought we’d pick our top 3.

3. In March we wrote Customer Service Leads to more Referrals. We really live by this Blog post.  Businesses do better when their customers are happy.  By not answering an email, or even delaying a response, you’re really putting yourself in a bad position when it comes time to do business with that customer in the future.

2. In June we wrote 5 ways to stay cool this summer. Eco York really enjoys writing these types of blog posts because we’re not only learning ways to save ourselves, but we’re helping others save as well.  This blog posts goes over simple ways to save during a hot and heated summer day.

1. And our Favorite Blog post this year is Develop a website that saves time and money. We wrote this blog post because we enjoy writing these types of applications.  If there’s a way to save money by automating a process, that really excites us.

We really enjoyed 2011 and appreciate all of the new partnerships and clients we’ve obtained.

Everyone at Eco York wishes you a very Happy and Prosperous New Year!

Thanks for reading!

Your partner in living a greener life,

Mark Lane

President, Eco York, LLC

Develop a Website that Saves Time and Money!

If you’ve come to this blog you may be asking yourself, How can a website save time and money? Think about any task you currently perform within your business. If any part of your business involves the internet (there’s a good chance it does), then there is a way to make what your doing online, more time efficient.

When you’re trying to decide on the type of website you want, there are a lot of considerations to keep in mind. Here are few we found that will help you narrow down the type of website that’s going to not only be geared towards your long term goals, but also can save you time and money in the process.

1. Do you want the ability to edit the content? If you answered yes, then a Content Management System is most likely a core component your website should have. A Content Management System will basically allow you to log into a web interface, and edit the content by filling out Forms with text, much like an email. The process is simple, and anytime information about your business changes, you won’t have to interface with a web developer to make the change.

2. Do you currently use an online lead generation system? If not, are leads something you’d like to be able to collect? Developing a customized lead generation tool, or using one that exists on the web might help your business give the boost that it needs. We’ve developed a lead generation tool for the Maid Services Industry Compass Wave ( There are also other tools out there such as Sales Force.

3. What if any tasks do you currently perform online that could potentially benefit from an online software? If you currently grab information from websites to conduct reports, or have an off the shelf software solution for say an auction website that provides inefficient reporting, then a custom online software package could benefit your business.

In an ideal world any off the shelf software package for $x would fit your businesses current needs and there would be no need to integrate with a software development company. Unfortunately that’s not a reality when it comes to different businesses and online software.

Let’s take an online auction software for instance. We’ve run into a situation where an off the shelf software solution was purchased for the purpose of conducting online auctions. This software worked perfectly as far as the online auction portion was concerned, until it came to billing. When the auction was completed, an email was sent for each auction item won. This amounted to over 100 emails during a large scale auction. While 100 emails worth of auction items doesn’t seem tedious enough to filter through, imagine having to create custom invoices for each one by copying data from the email to an invoicing template. Add the fact that Shipping and Tax information now needs added as well. This task took over 2 weeks before all invoices and items were shipped out. With our ability to analyze the situation we were able to write a script to make this process more efficient and save the business time and money! This reporting application needed run with the click of a button and now all invoicing with shipping and tax information was split into individual invoices. Not only did this save the business time by having the invoicing done within an hour instead of 2 weeks, but it improved customer satisfaction as well.

The invoicing software we developed for a local auction company is just one example of how you can have an existing software package implemented, but that you might not actually be using it to it’s full potential. A website is a good marketing tool for your business, but don’t forget a website can be more than content on a page.


Your partner in Developing Websites that Save Time and Money,

Mark Lane

President Eco York, LLC