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Simple ways to promote your business

best web design company york paIn today’s economy it’s important to look at the advertising opportunities out there and choose the ones that work best for you to help promote your business. However there are certain advertising techniques that shouldn’t be ignored and should be used by every business.

Do you currently have a website?

If you don’t currently have a website you should. No matter what industry you are in, your current and potential customers are going to do some research on your business, and the first thing they’ll likely do is go to the web. A website is essential to setting yourself apart from other businesses in the same industry. It gives your potential customer an opportunity to learn more about your business, and an opportunity for you to sell yourself and your services. If you would like a professional website done for your business, check out our portfolio and contact us today!

Do you have business cards?

Every business should have business cards, but not everyone goes about their business cards in the right way. There are certain things that should be on your business card, which include your name, email address, website, phone number, and the services you provide. Your business cards should also be printed by a professional printing company. We use Penny Press of York for all of our printing needs.

What type of Email Address do you use?

An email address can tell alot about your company, and sometimes how long you’ve been around. If you aren’t using an email address which includes your domain name, then you are really missing out on marketing your business the way it should be marketed. If someone sees for example on your business  card you may be turning customers away because they don’t feel that you’re ultimately a legit business. Not only would you be turning potential customers away, but you’re losing the ability to market your website every time someone asks for your email address. An ideal email address for Bob’s Contracting would be This makes his email address personable (bob) but also professional and markets their website. If you already own the domain name, setting up the email address is fairly simple.

Do you utilize Social Media?

Social Media is a HUGE opportunity for a business to get it’s name out there and also market themselves on a daily basis. The main Social Media sites every business should be apart of include Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google + as well as Youtube. Check out our Blog post on Integrating Social Networking into your Business for more information on the different social networks available to you.

There are many opportunities that are sometimes missed by a business when it comes to advertising. We hope the suggestions above will help you promote your business and utilize the advertising opportunities that are available at low costs.

Your partner in living a greener life,

Mark Lane

President Eco York, LLC

Customer Service Leads to More Referrals

Recently we created a poll to see What influences here you buy from the most .

In this poll we received feedback that Customer Services is what really determines where you buy your items from. This makes perfect sense, because who wants to repeatedly go to a place of business that has bad customer service. Customer service really can determine if your business ultimately succeeds or fails. Customer Service Leads to More Referrals because the customers you currently have will recommend your business when in passing with their peers, that is if you provide good Customer Service.

There are many tips you can follow to provide your customers with excellent customer service.

1. Be helpful, even if it doesn’t offer immediate profit opportunities.

For example if a customer is on a budget for a project, help them out by getting the project off the ground. Even if it might dig into your profit up front, helping the customer out to get their business off the ground can help persuade that customer to come to you the next time they need a helping hand.

2. Throw in something extra

I love to eat sushi and there are plenty of places i could go in my area. The one particular place i always go when i’m home throws in ice cream during every visit for the past 2 years. Where do you think i recommend my friends go when they ask where is the best place is in my area?

3. Take the extra step to help the customer out

If you own a convenience store and someone asks you where something is, walk them in the direction of the item instead of just shouting out the Aisle number.

4. Deal with complaints without a shrug

Not every customer is going to be 100% satisfied. Make sure your customers know your receptive to their feedback. If a customer has a valid complaint, be receptive to that complaint and let them know you’d like to resolve the issue so they’re 100% satisfied.

5. Answer your phone and email

If a customer calls your places of business or emails you, make sure they get answered in a timely manner. One of my pet peves is calling a business and either never receiving a phone call back, or emailing a place of business and never knowing if my email had been received. Make sure you answer your phone, and respond to emails. If you need to increase staff to do so, make sure you do, it could be costing you business.

Follow these 5 tips and the referrals will start rolling in. If you offer horrible customer service, don’t answer your phones or email, and never try to go the extra mile. Then you can forget about your current customers recommending their peers to go to your business.

Your partner in living a greener life,
Mark Lane
President Eco York, LLC

Why York? | Location Location Location

why choose york paWhen someone asks where you live, one of the first questions you might get asked is “Why?”.  This is always a good question, and can sometimes contain a lot of different answers. Sometimes these answers can be vague, or unclear. However in York this answer should be obvious. Location, Location, Location.

This is probably something you’ve heard quite a number of times throughout your life. Although from someone living outside of York they might not understand your logic.  Let’s try to go through the reasons why York is a great location!

Close proximity to other popular cities / destinations!

York has many advantages, one of which is being in close proximity to numerous locations.  We are only 38 minutes from Lancaster, 46 minutes from Gettysburg, 48 minutes from Baltimore, 35 minutes from Harrisburg, and 37 minutes from Mechanicsburg.  Those are just a few of the close cities within a short distance.

We are also only 3 hours and 40 minutes from Ocean City, MD , 3 hours and 33 minutes from New York City, and 2 hours from Philadelphia!

Public Transportation via the Lancaster Train Station can also help you get to some of these destinations in a shorter amount of time.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Cost of Living is relatively low!

It’s a fact that the cost of living in York PA is relatively low compared to the potential income one could make.

This probably contributes to being one of the biggest growing Hot Spots in the Northeast!

Picturesque views!

Professional and Free lance photographers would agree that PA is a beautiful state, especially when it comes to taking photos in the Fall.  With Rolling hills, and plenty of nature hot spots, there’s plenty of picture taking going on in this beautiful area.

Outdoor Activities galore!

Do you enjoy Kayaking, Biking, Hiking, Walking, or winter sports?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you might want to consider relocating to the York area.  With Ski Roundtop just a hop skip and jump away, you can ski all winter long!

We also have many parks in the area for Kayaking, Biking, Walking, and Hiking activities.
Rockey Ridge
Lake Redman/ William H. Kain County Park
Codorus State Park
Pinchot State Park
Richard M. Nixon County Park
York Heritage Rail Trail
John Rudy Park (also has one of the best dog parks around!)

So when you’re asked the question “Why did you choose York?”.  Remember “Location, Location…”, and don’t forget “Location”!

Your partner in living a greener life,

Mark Lane
President, Eco York, LLC