Custom Restaurant Reporting Software

Eco York develops Custom Software that can save your Business Time and Money. That sounds great doesn’t it? Saving Time and Money in today’s economy means quite a lot. But what does that all mean?

What that means is that Eco York will take the time to sit down with you and learn more about your business, and figure out if there’s a custom software solution that could actually save your business time and money. Even if you have an existing software package that you’re used to using, Eco York will take the time to study what you currently have, and see if we can develop a solution to interact with your current application. If we aren’t able to interact with your current application, we’ll be sure to figure out a way to get your old data into a new system that works for your businesses end goals.

At this point you might be asking what types of custom software solutions Eco York can develop for your business. Let’s talk about a recent custom software package that we developed.

Let’s say you’re a restaurant and you use an online reporting software, similar to the one below


This is the front end of the software package that one of our customers used. An online ordering system that provided everything they needed to run their restaurant. The reporting is just as easy to use as well.


Now this software serves it’s purpose and provides all of the features that our client needed. However there was a problem, they ran over 30 restaurants. You can imagine how time consuming it would be to log into 30 different administration websites to download CSV reports and compile them on a monthly basis with Profit margins, and Remittance Amounts as well as run a report on the Orders that were completed during that month.

We saw this as a golden opportunity to work with the original developers of this software and work with an API that they had created to create a custom software package for our newest client. So we developed a custom software that our client could log into and add all of their locations, pull all of the orders for those locations, and create reports based on dates.  Here’s a screen shot of the interface to add locations.

Restaurant Reporting Software Dashboard

From this custom dashboard our client is able to add new “schools” which allow them to organize their locations, and attach those locations to those schools. Order refunds are also able to be added as well as the ability to download all of the orders for all of the schools with the click of a button.  After all of the orders are pulled if there are orders that need changed, we have added the ability to edit the order information as well as search for a specific order.

Our reports were also customized to our clients needs so they could choose which school they wanted to pull the reports for, and have it organize all of the order information and remittance information for their restaurants.


The above custom report is a PDF which shows all of the information our client needed to send to their restaurants on a monthly basis. Now the client only had to pull the reports once a month and take a few hours out of their schedule to spot check the details before sending it off to their restaurants.

Now that’s just one example of how Eco York can save a business time and money. If you’re interested in custom software don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Your partner in Developing Websites that Save Time and Money,

Mark Lane

President Eco York, LLC