Daily Deals and Saving Money

Daily Deal sites and sites which help you save money are taking the internet on by storm.  Whether it’s an app that you’ve downloaded, or a site you’ve added to your favorites, you’re taking the old coupon book and accessing it online instead.

Think about it, just a few years ago you would cut coupons out from the Sunday paper (maybe you still do), but it’s more common to checkout a deal online and print the coupon or redeem it online more than ever.  Sites like Groupon.com and Livingsocial.com are the most popular coupon sites out there.

Groupon offers daily deals based on using Geo Location.  Geo Location basically means that Groupon can detect where you are accessing the site from, and knows what deals to target towards you.  If you’re looking for daily deals, Groupon is definitely a site you’ll want to check out.

Woot.com is another popular site, which many might not actually know too much about. Unlike Groupon Woot offers one deal daily and it’s not necessarily based on Geo Location.

Living Social is another daily deal website very similar to Groupon.  It’s behind in the amount of traffic and revenue to Groupon but is in a very close second place and gaining due to recent Facebook applications.

Here are a few Daily Deal Apps for your mobile devices

Woot Watch – Woot Watch allows you to see the Daily Deals on Woot.com in an elegant way on your Ipod or Iphone.

Groupon App – Groupon offers an app for many mobile devices so you’re never left in the dark on the daily deals in your area. You can even save trees and the environment by using their paperless redemption.

Living Social App – Living Social has actually been around longer than Groupon despite it not being quite as popular, and actually offers deals in sometimes more locations than Groupon does.  Their Social app allows you to see which daily deals are being offered in your current location with ease.

Whichever site you decide to check out or subscribe to, each offers a unique experience and deals that you can’t beat.

Your partner in living a greener life,
Mark Lane
President Eco York, LLC