Ecoferral can Save your Business Time & Money

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We thought it would be apropriate to write an entry about our slogan “Developing Websites that save you time and money”.  Today we’ll focus on our newest creation Ecoferral ( Our product Ecoferral is geared towards any business that wants to communicate with other businesses in a closed environment.  If you’re a business owner, then you’re aware of Networking Groups, where businesses meet once a week to discuss and promote their business, while giving referrals to other businesses in the groups.  These Networking groups have worked well over the years, but Eco York saw an opportunity.  Why not develop a product where these businesses can send referrals and communicate in real time outside of their normal hour weekly meeting.  That’s where Ecoferral comes in.  Ecoferral allows businesses to join an existing group, or create their own closed network of businesses they already work with, and share information.  But Sending Referrals isn’t the only benefit of signing up with our product.  Businesses can send testimonials, are listed in an online directory, can offer coupons and surveys to current or potential customers and more!

Another issue we found is finding businesses contact information is also sometimes rather difficult.  That’s why we allow businesses to not just be listed in a directory, but each business has their own company profile page.  This page can be shared on their favorite social networks, linked from their current website, and is indexed by the most popular search engines.  This profile page allows businesses to have all their contact information all in one central location as well as a description of their business.  From this same page potential customers can claim any coupons you may offer, as well as participate in a survey you can fully customize.

That’s a brief overview of our newest product Ecoferral.  If you’re interested in saving money and growing your business, contact us today!

Your partner in Developing Websites that Save Time and Money,

Mark Lane

President Eco York, LLC