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web design york paFacebook has over 500 million users and every business either currently has a Facebook Page, or is in the process of creating one.  The problem with having a Facebook page is determining what you post. This can be a daunting task if you’re not aware of your exact target audience, or have a consistant message.

What’s our message?

At Eco York we want to not only provide you with up to date news with Going Green and help you live a Greener Life, but we want to help in all aspects of your business from Saving Money, to Recycling your unused Electronics, to enjoying your time off with your family inexpensively.

Keep up to date on our Facebook Page and make sure you check us every day because our posts will consistantly change.  Here’s a sneak peak at what our daily posts may be about.

Monday – Energy Savers of the Week / Local Events

Tuesday – Save money / Tax Credits / Discounts / Local Merchants

Wed – Recycled Items Fact  / Neat Green Innovative Products

Thur – All Natural Organic foods / Drinks

Fri – Outdoor activities for the Family / Discounted upcoming Activities

Our posts will frequently change, but developing a consistant message and a plan is important in growing your Fan Base, which is our ultimate goal just as it is for you and your business.

Mention us on Facebook so your friends can follow our daily tips.  We can help businesses and residential customers with Web Development, Social Media, Software Development, Customer PC / Troubleshooting Support and  Computer Recycling.

We’ll call this an Eco York Facebook Challenge 😉

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Your partner in living a greener life,

Mark Lane

President, Eco York, LLC