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If you’ve come to this blog you may be asking yourself, How can a website save time and money? Think about any task you currently perform within your business. If any part of your business involves the internet (there’s a good chance it does), then there is a way to make what your doing online, more time efficient.

When you’re trying to decide on the type of website you want, there are a lot of considerations to keep in mind. Here are few we found that will help you narrow down the type of website that’s going to not only be geared towards your long term goals, but also can save you time and money in the process.

1. Do you want the ability to edit the content? If you answered yes, then a Content Management System is most likely a core component your website should have. A Content Management System will basically allow you to log into a web interface, and edit the content by filling out Forms with text, much like an email. The process is simple, and anytime information about your business changes, you won’t have to interface with a web developer to make the change.

2. Do you currently use an online lead generation system? If not, are leads something you’d like to be able to collect? Developing a customized lead generation tool, or using one that exists on the web might help your business give the boost that it needs. We’ve developed a lead generation tool for the Maid Services Industry Compass Wave ( There are also other tools out there such as Sales Force.

3. What if any tasks do you currently perform online that could potentially benefit from an online software? If you currently grab information from websites to conduct reports, or have an off the shelf software solution for say an auction website that provides inefficient reporting, then a custom online software package could benefit your business.

In an ideal world any off the shelf software package for $x would fit your businesses current needs and there would be no need to integrate with a software development company. Unfortunately that’s not a reality when it comes to different businesses and online software.

Let’s take an online auction software for instance. We’ve run into a situation where an off the shelf software solution was purchased for the purpose of conducting online auctions. This software worked perfectly as far as the online auction portion was concerned, until it came to billing. When the auction was completed, an email was sent for each auction item won. This amounted to over 100 emails during a large scale auction. While 100 emails worth of auction items doesn’t seem tedious enough to filter through, imagine having to create custom invoices for each one by copying data from the email to an invoicing template. Add the fact that Shipping and Tax information now needs added as well. This task took over 2 weeks before all invoices and items were shipped out. With our ability to analyze the situation we were able to write a script to make this process more efficient and save the business time and money! This reporting application needed run with the click of a button and now all invoicing with shipping and tax information was split into individual invoices. Not only did this save the business time by having the invoicing done within an hour instead of 2 weeks, but it improved customer satisfaction as well.

The invoicing software we developed for a local auction company is just one example of how you can have an existing software package implemented, but that you might not actually be using it to it’s full potential. A website is a good marketing tool for your business, but don’t forget a website can be more than content on a page.

Your partner in Developing Websites that Save Time and Money,

Mark Lane

President Eco York, LLC

Ecoferral can Save your Business Time & Money

referral software
We thought it would be apropriate to write an entry about our slogan “Developing Websites that save you time and money”.  Today we’ll focus on our newest creation Ecoferral ( Our product Ecoferral is geared towards any business that wants to communicate with other businesses in a closed environment.  If you’re a business owner, then you’re aware of Networking Groups, where businesses meet once a week to discuss and promote their business, while giving referrals to other businesses in the groups.  These Networking groups have worked well over the years, but Eco York saw an opportunity.  Why not develop a product where these businesses can send referrals and communicate in real time outside of their normal hour weekly meeting.  That’s where Ecoferral comes in.  Ecoferral allows businesses to join an existing group, or create their own closed network of businesses they already work with, and share information.  But Sending Referrals isn’t the only benefit of signing up with our product.  Businesses can send testimonials, are listed in an online directory, can offer coupons and surveys to current or potential customers and more!

Another issue we found is finding businesses contact information is also sometimes rather difficult.  That’s why we allow businesses to not just be listed in a directory, but each business has their own company profile page.  This page can be shared on their favorite social networks, linked from their current website, and is indexed by the most popular search engines.  This profile page allows businesses to have all their contact information all in one central location as well as a description of their business.  From this same page potential customers can claim any coupons you may offer, as well as participate in a survey you can fully customize.

That’s a brief overview of our newest product Ecoferral.  If you’re interested in saving money and growing your business, contact us today!

Your partner in Developing Websites that Save Time and Money,

Mark Lane

President Eco York, LLC

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web design york paFacebook has over 500 million users and every business either currently has a Facebook Page, or is in the process of creating one.  The problem with having a Facebook page is determining what you post. This can be a daunting task if you’re not aware of your exact target audience, or have a consistant message.

What’s our message?

At Eco York we want to not only provide you with up to date news with Going Green and help you live a Greener Life, but we want to help in all aspects of your business from Saving Money, to Recycling your unused Electronics, to enjoying your time off with your family inexpensively.

Keep up to date on our Facebook Page and make sure you check us every day because our posts will consistantly change.  Here’s a sneak peak at what our daily posts may be about.

Monday – Energy Savers of the Week / Local Events

Tuesday – Save money / Tax Credits / Discounts / Local Merchants

Wed – Recycled Items Fact  / Neat Green Innovative Products

Thur – All Natural Organic foods / Drinks

Fri – Outdoor activities for the Family / Discounted upcoming Activities

Our posts will frequently change, but developing a consistant message and a plan is important in growing your Fan Base, which is our ultimate goal just as it is for you and your business.

Mention us on Facebook so your friends can follow our daily tips.  We can help businesses and residential customers with Web Development, Social Media, Software Development, Customer PC / Troubleshooting Support and  Computer Recycling.

We’ll call this an Eco York Facebook Challenge 😉

We’re also on other media networks as well that you can follow:

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Mark Lane

President, Eco York, LLC

5 ways to stay cool this summer

Web Design York PA - Staying cool this summer With the most recent heat waves in the North East you’re most likely trying to find ways to stay cool. There are some ways you can stay cool without using that air-conditioner.

Whether you are trying to go Eco Friendly or just trying to save some money this summer, finding ways to stay cool without using the air-conditioner can help.

Here are 5 ways to stay cool this summer:

1. Trouble sleeping?
There are a few ways to keep your bed cool and sleep in comfort. Before you go to bed put a sheet in the freezer for about an hour or two before you go to bed. Another trick is to take one of your water bottles and fill it with ice cold water, and place the bottle on the back of your knees to cool your legs.

2. Graze instead of eating big meals
Have you ever eaten a large meal and felt your body get warmer? Even if the meal was warm, that’s not the only reason. Protein enrich meals force your body to stoke its metabolic fires which make your body feel warmer. The solution? Eat smaller meals, and more frequently. Not only is it healthier, you’ll feel cooler as well.

3. Change your light bulbs
Have you still put off replacing your Bulbs with energy efficient ones? CFL Bulbs can save you 75% in energy savings, and they also put off significantly less heat than conventional bulbs. Have you ever wondered why conventional bulbs are used on farms to keep the chickens warm? The only thing these bulbs are doing for you is providing you with mini heaters throughout your home during one of the hottest times of year. The best way to stay cool is to switch the conventional bulbs with Energy Efficient CFL Bulbs. Not only will you be staying cool, you’ll be saving electricity and money as well.

Check out our Energy Savers section to learn more.

4. Close your blinds
By closing your blinds the sun won’t be radiating as much heat through your home as if they were open. You can still keep the windows open if there’s a small breeze flowing through, but closing your blinds alone should reduce the amount of heat coming from your windows when the sun is shining. Another technique to staying cool would be to provide shade near your windows. Check out our Shading Energy Savers to learn more about shading techniques.

5. Use a Fan
If you have room Ceiling Fans can provide the most amount of coolness. But if you don’t have room or the budget to install a ceiling fan, a vertical fan can work just as well. By installing fans you’ll get the circulation needed to move the air around in your home without the expensive costs of running an air-conditioner.

Another way to stay cool this summer, is to have your website developed by us. Having a Hot website will help you stay cool knowing your image is in good hands. Contact us for a Free Consultation

Do you have any more cooling tips you’d like to share? What ways are you able to stay cool whether you’re saving electricity, or your air-conditioner breaks?

Your partner in living a greener life,
Mark Lane
President Eco York, LLC


Daily Deals and Saving Money

Daily Deal sites and sites which help you save money are taking the internet on by storm.  Whether it’s an app that you’ve downloaded, or a site you’ve added to your favorites, you’re taking the old coupon book and accessing it online instead.

Think about it, just a few years ago you would cut coupons out from the Sunday paper (maybe you still do), but it’s more common to checkout a deal online and print the coupon or redeem it online more than ever.  Sites like and are the most popular coupon sites out there.

Groupon offers daily deals based on using Geo Location.  Geo Location basically means that Groupon can detect where you are accessing the site from, and knows what deals to target towards you.  If you’re looking for daily deals, Groupon is definitely a site you’ll want to check out. is another popular site, which many might not actually know too much about. Unlike Groupon Woot offers one deal daily and it’s not necessarily based on Geo Location.

Living Social is another daily deal website very similar to Groupon.  It’s behind in the amount of traffic and revenue to Groupon but is in a very close second place and gaining due to recent Facebook applications.

Here are a few Daily Deal Apps for your mobile devices

Woot Watch – Woot Watch allows you to see the Daily Deals on in an elegant way on your Ipod or Iphone.

Groupon App – Groupon offers an app for many mobile devices so you’re never left in the dark on the daily deals in your area. You can even save trees and the environment by using their paperless redemption.

Living Social App – Living Social has actually been around longer than Groupon despite it not being quite as popular, and actually offers deals in sometimes more locations than Groupon does.  Their Social app allows you to see which daily deals are being offered in your current location with ease.

Whichever site you decide to check out or subscribe to, each offers a unique experience and deals that you can’t beat.

Your partner in living a greener life,
Mark Lane
President Eco York, LLC

Google fights to be social

Every business is inviting Social Media into their marketing plans and Google wants a piece.

When the idea of Google started in 1996 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin the idea was to develop a search engine that seamlessly organized an infinite amount of information on the web.  Over the years it grew into what today has dubbed itself a verb everyone uses “Google”.

I find myself saying “Google it” whenever there’s an answer to a question i’m unsure of.  It’s the default search engine on just about every browser i use, and the first thing i go to when i am trying to find out some information.  A lot of people including me have also adopted some of their other products such as Gmail.  But there’s one thing i don’t think of when i think of Google, and that’s Social Media.

Google’s attempt at being Social has been, well not so good.  Take Orkut for example, as of 2010 only 2.2% of Orkut users are from the United States.  It has only 100 million users worldwide,  48% of those users are from Brazil.  Compare that to Facebook who has 500 million active users, and 50% of those users log on every day.

Google Wave was announced in May 2009.  It was established to be part email, part twitter, and part instant messaging.  I personally thought the product was pretty neat when it came out, but it never did gain any traction and the project was closed in August 2010.

If Orkut was a thing of the past and Google Wave was something of the future, then Google Buzz is the Present.  Google Buzz was tied directly into the Gmail Platform, but because of this it was pushed on every Gmail user, and caused a backlash of unhappy users by being forced to use the product.  This prompted Google to send an apology letter out after lawsuits were filed.  This product hasn’t failed or been shut down, but it’s definitely not the top Social Media service out there.

Today Google is trying something new.  They’re trying to follow the trend of Being Social, but this time by developing tools to do so.  This new tool they’re offering just might be their ticket into the Social Scene.  The new tool is called “+1″ or “Plus One”.  Not a “catchy” name if you ask me, but it seems they’re keeping their naming simple.

Google Plus OneThe new service will put a “+1″ link next to each search result in Google.  This will allow users to create their own social network of friends and rank sites based on what sites they frequently visit.  The question will be whether developers and marketers accept this new service and adopt it like they have the “Like” button from Facebook, the “Share” button from Linkedin and the “Tweet” button from Twitter.

It’s hard to tell if this is going to be an experiment that gets canned in a year, or if it’s actually something that can help Google be Social. Only time may tell, but i sure do wish them luck.

Do you think this is going to be another flop, or something that might actually help Google be social?

Your partner in living a greener life,
Mark Lane
President Eco York, LLC

Integrate Social Networking into your Business

social media marketing york paIn 2011 and no we don’t have flying cars, Delorians that take us back in time, or even robots mowing our lawns. What we do have is an ever changing social scene when it comes to your business and the web.

A few years ago it was enough to have a company website, but not today. Today companies need to understand how important it is for them to integrate Social Networking into their business as well. Each Social Network out there can target a different audience, and each audience can bring different prospective customers to your doorstep.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

How should my Business use Facebook?

Facebook is one major player when it comes to Social Networking. With over 500 million users, you can potentially reach a huge audience with a few updates a week. There are a lot of users on Facebook, but not everyone is necessarily going to become a customer. Facebook allows you to create a Facebook Page for your business. By Creating a Facebook Fan Page you’ll be able to provide your Fans with updates, conduct polls, link other social networks (twitter tabs, Linkedin tabs), and much more. With Facebook you’ll want to target a broad audience and try to engage your fans in conversation. By engaging your fans in conversation you’re appearing on more News Feeds, more Walls, and getting exposure to a broader audience outside of your actual Fan Base.

How should my Business use Twitter?

If you don’t know what Twitter is, Twitter is basically a site where you can provide real time updates to your followers with what’s going on Now. You’ll also be able to engage in conversation and appear in different topic groups by using #hashtags. Hashtags basically allow you to type #ecoyork after your update, and when anyone searches or follows that hashtag, your posts will appear in that list. Twitter is very useful for providing your followers with exclusive discount codes for deals you might be providing at that exact moment in time. Providing them with updates on when you post photos or discussions on Facebook can be very useful as well.

What about Linkedin?

A few years ago Linkedin didn’t seem to be as popular because of the inability to integrate without having to pay for a subscription to the service. In the past year Linkedin has become extremely powerful when it comes to Social Networking and reaching out to high end businesses / prospective customers. Creating a Company Page on Linkedin would be a good place to start. Linkedin has significantly less users than Facebook and Twitter, however the amount of funds that an average Linkedin user has is potentially greater. This means creating a presence on Linkedin could mean having potential customers that could help fund your next venture.

With all 3 Social Networks (and there are more) it may seem hard to keep up. There are plenty of tools out there which allow you to link the accounts together, as well as update from one application. Tweet Deck and People Browser are two good applications which may make updating your status easier.

We hope this article was helpful in giving you an idea of the different social networks, and why you might use one for one purpose, and another for something else. Each Social Network has it’s purpose, so make sure your business gets integrated today.

Remember Social Networking and any online media doesn’t require marketing materials to be printed, postage stamps to mail out brochures, or Door hangers to be dropped off. It utilizes an online strategy of targeting the users who will use your services at no cost to our environment.

As always contact us if you need help.

Your partner in living a greener life,
Mark Lane
President Eco York, LLC

Customer Service Leads to More Referrals

Recently we created a poll to see What influences here you buy from the most .

In this poll we received feedback that Customer Services is what really determines where you buy your items from. This makes perfect sense, because who wants to repeatedly go to a place of business that has bad customer service. Customer service really can determine if your business ultimately succeeds or fails. Customer Service Leads to More Referrals because the customers you currently have will recommend your business when in passing with their peers, that is if you provide good Customer Service.

There are many tips you can follow to provide your customers with excellent customer service.

1. Be helpful, even if it doesn’t offer immediate profit opportunities.

For example if a customer is on a budget for a project, help them out by getting the project off the ground. Even if it might dig into your profit up front, helping the customer out to get their business off the ground can help persuade that customer to come to you the next time they need a helping hand.

2. Throw in something extra

I love to eat sushi and there are plenty of places i could go in my area. The one particular place i always go when i’m home throws in ice cream during every visit for the past 2 years. Where do you think i recommend my friends go when they ask where is the best place is in my area?

3. Take the extra step to help the customer out

If you own a convenience store and someone asks you where something is, walk them in the direction of the item instead of just shouting out the Aisle number.

4. Deal with complaints without a shrug

Not every customer is going to be 100% satisfied. Make sure your customers know your receptive to their feedback. If a customer has a valid complaint, be receptive to that complaint and let them know you’d like to resolve the issue so they’re 100% satisfied.

5. Answer your phone and email

If a customer calls your places of business or emails you, make sure they get answered in a timely manner. One of my pet peves is calling a business and either never receiving a phone call back, or emailing a place of business and never knowing if my email had been received. Make sure you answer your phone, and respond to emails. If you need to increase staff to do so, make sure you do, it could be costing you business.

Follow these 5 tips and the referrals will start rolling in. If you offer horrible customer service, don’t answer your phones or email, and never try to go the extra mile. Then you can forget about your current customers recommending their peers to go to your business.

Your partner in living a greener life,
Mark Lane
President Eco York, LLC

Save your trash and Compost instead

why should you compost
Did you know that food is the #1 least recycled of all waste materials? Food will decompose by itself, however it’s one of the largest components in our landfills today, resulting of nearly 50% of all solid waste. These landfills produce methane which is 21 times more potent than carbon dioxide. Eventually these toxic chemicals make their way into our air and our drinking water.

Eco York would like to propose a challenge to our readers.  Eliminate an extra can of trash that you throw away a week. We’re here to tell you a couple of ways to eliminate some of the items you may be putting in your trash cans each week, and turn them into a useful product (mulch for your garden).

Composting is an excellent way to eliminate some of the trash you throw away each week, and create a fertilizer that will help you grow vegetables in the spring.  By composting you will not only be creating an excellent source of nutrients for your garden / yard, but you’ll be eliminating unnecessary items from making it to the landfills.

There are a number of items you can compost.
Here’s a brief listing of them:

Kleanex Tissues
Paper Towels
Paper napkins
Lint from behind refrigerator (or pocket lint)
Grass clippings
Hair clippings
Tea bags and grounds
Shredded newspapers
Egg shells
Q-tips (cotton swabs: cardboard, not plastic sticks)
Stale potato chips
Old leather gardening gloves
Nut shells
Apple cores
Banana peels
Brown paper bags
Vacuum cleaner bag contents
Ivory soap scraps
Spoiled canned fruits and vegetables
Produce trimmings from grocery store
Cardboard cereal boxes (shredded)
Grocery receipts

As you can see there is a huge list of items that normally may make it into your garbage can. I’m sure even half of these items would help you eliminate one can a week. So instead of throwing these away, compost and breathe easier knowing you’re helping the environment and living a greener life.

Your partner in living a greener life,

Mark Lane
President Eco York, LLC

Wind Vs Solar | Which would you choose?

Everyone is trying to save money and energy lately, which is a good thing! We all need to figure out ways we can save energy and get energy out of the natural resources that we have available to us.  This is where Wind & Solar come in.  It’s the truth that Wind is never going to stop, and as long as we’re still a planet the Sun will keep emmiting Solar Rays for us to capture for energy.

The question becomes, should i install a Solar Panel, or rely on wind power?  Why not both?Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

You might think that a WInd Turbine in your backyard isn’t going to work. This would be true for a normal sized wind turbine, but a company called Urban Green Energy has developed a wind turbine that can be manufacturered small enough to be mounted on the roof of your home .  The Empire State Building is actually converting to 100% wind power.

Solar Panels have been making huge strides in technology as well. Solar Energy is Clean, Affordable, and Sustainable energy that we should all embrace.  First Solar is one of the Solar manufacturers that has actually been nominated as one of six finalists for the 2011 Zayed Future Energy Prize recognizing outstanding work in renewable energy and sustainability.

Both Solar & Wind might be outside of your financial budgets, but with Energy Tax Rebates available, these costs can make turning your home into an energy efficient home affordable.  There are tax rebates available for both Residential Wind Turbines, as well as Solar Energy Systems.

Solar Panels and Wind Turbines can also talk to each other so you won’t have to rely on just one.  If however you do decide to go one way or another, either way you are helping the environment and that’s what Going Green is all about.

Your partner in living a greener life,

Mark Lane
President Eco York, LLC

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