Replace Crystal Reports with a Custom Online Reporting Program of our most recent projects consisted of a local company which utilizes Crystal Reports to provide reports for their clients to access remotely. The problem with Crystal Reports was their new software wasn’t compatible with the Accounting Software Backend, and their clients were having trouble accessing the reports remotely.

We were contracted to Replace Crystal Reports with a Custom Online Reporting Program which was easier to access, and provided more flexibility with added features. The Accounting Software has a backend SQL database and is automatically synced daily with the online software’s database. The client can then add users within the online reporting program, as well as pull the reports for each individual client in PDF format.

By having their application web based their clients are able to access the program much more simply than before. No more remote desktop connections are needed. All their clients need is Internet access to be able to log into the program and pull the necessary reports.

That’s just one more example of how Eco York can save a business time and money. If you’re interested in custom software don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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Mark Lane

President Eco York, LLC