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Go Green | Buy Local

buy local york paWe all know how easy it is to go to the grocery store and just buy everything in one location. But do we ever take a minute to think about what buying from the grocery store might be doing to our environment?
Think for a minute about the amount of pollution it takes to get your food to the supermarket and then back to your kitchen table.  Your food was most likely either trucked in or flown in, which produces a lot of Green House Gases. By buying from local farms you are not only doing a small part to help the environment, but you are also helping your local community.  Whenever you can, buy from your local farmers markets and farms.  By doing this you will help reduce the amount of green house gasses and help support your local economy.
Not only would you be helping the environment by supporting your local farms, but the food quality is typically better than if you’d purchase your items form a supermarket as well. For instance if the food you purchase from the supermarket is shipped in from another state, it most likely will lose the quality as opposed to if it were picked the previous day from a local farm.
So next time  you’re at the store and about to put food in your cart, THINK LOCAL!
You can buy local from the following locations in York
Your partner in living a greener life,
Mark Lane
President, Eco York, LLC