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Fall Energy Saving Tips

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In a tough economy everyone is seeking different solutions to save money, but you should take these tips and utilize them even when the economy bounces back.

Take a shower instead of taking a bath

Typically a bath will take more water than a shower.  One simple test you can do is take a shower with the plug in the tub.  After your done check to see how full the tub gets. If you take relatively short showers, and use a low-flow showerhead then you will save money by taking a shower over a bath.

Low-flow shower heads can reduce your home water consumption as much as 50%, and reduce your energy cost of heating the water also by as much as 50%.

Turn down your water heater temperature

Set your water heater to the lowest temperature setting, which still will provide you with sufficient amounts of hot water. By reducing your water heater temperature you can decrease your energy costs.  If your water heater is in an unheated room, you can also insulate your water heater with blankets.


Turn off the lights when you’re not in the room. You should also replace incandescence with compact fluorescent bulbs, which use 75% less energy and lasts about 10 times longer.

Clean your refrigerator

Refrigerators use a lot of electricity, but by maintaining your refrigerator, you can reduce these energy costs. Vacuum the coils on the back of the refrigerator, and check to make sure the temperature is sufficient.  You will want to make sure it’s not too cold to waste electricity, but cold enough to keep your food fresh.

Open your blinds

When it gets cold the easiest way to help heat your home is by sunlight.  If you have energy efficient windows the sun can help keep your home warm in the colder months, and help keep it cool in the summer.  Solar heat is free, so utilize it to your advantage.

Lower your thermostat

First you should make sure you have an energy efficient programmable thermostat.  You should also make sure that the setting is no higher than 68 degrees when you are home, and lower the temperature when you are in bed or away.  For every degree that the thermastat is lowered you could save 2% off of your heating bill.  By lowering the temperature by 10 – 15% each day, you could be saving 10% a year on your energy costs.

Weather proof your home

Make sure you use cauk on your windows and doors. This can help keep the cold air out, and the heat inside.  Reducing the leaks in your home could reduce your heating bill by another 10%. Make sure to check doors, floors, walls, ceillings, ducts, fireplaces, fans, vents, and windows.

Rake instead of using leaf blowers

This is a simple saving tip that everyone could use.  Not only by raking instead of using an electric or gas leaf blower will you be saving energy, but you’ll also be exercising in the process.

These are just a few tips that you can use to reduce your energy costs this fall.  You can also save by creating personal budgets, and eating healthy.  If you’d like to create a personal budget feel free to check out our personal budget calculator .

Your partner in living a greener life,

Mark Lane
President, Eco York, LLC