Our Top Achievements and Blog Posts for 2011

web design york pa2011 was a great year for Eco York and we can’t wait to dive in deep in 2012!

Our Top Achievements:

We started off the year developing a website for a Local TV show Eco Means, which their TV shows are about providing a greener way to live your life by taking small steps. Eco York is excited what 2012 means to our partnership with this TV show.

Eco York also joined a local networking group Professional Referral Exchange in the spring and was elected Social Chair right away.  Shortly after joining we started development on our newest product on the market Ecoferral. Ecoferral is a web-based referral and communication tool for businesses and networking groups. Ecoferral allows you to send referrals online within your networking group and keep track of the referrals. We continue to grow the product, and recently added the ability to create Online Surveys as well as offer Coupons to potential customers.

In 2011 we also started our Computer Recycling Program. Throughout the year with your help we’ve manage to recycle over 485 lbs of computers and electronics!

Our Favorite Blog Posts of 2011:

We have a lot of Blog posts we really enjoyed writing during 2011, but we thought we’d pick our top 3.

3. In March we wrote Customer Service Leads to more Referrals. We really live by this Blog post.  Businesses do better when their customers are happy.  By not answering an email, or even delaying a response, you’re really putting yourself in a bad position when it comes time to do business with that customer in the future.

2. In June we wrote 5 ways to stay cool this summer. Eco York really enjoys writing these types of blog posts because we’re not only learning ways to save ourselves, but we’re helping others save as well.  This blog posts goes over simple ways to save during a hot and heated summer day.

1. And our Favorite Blog post this year is Develop a website that saves time and money. We wrote this blog post because we enjoy writing these types of applications.  If there’s a way to save money by automating a process, that really excites us.

We really enjoyed 2011 and appreciate all of the new partnerships and clients we’ve obtained.

Everyone at Eco York wishes you a very Happy and Prosperous New Year!

Thanks for reading!

Your partner in living a greener life,

Mark Lane

President, Eco York, LLC